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On Purpose Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Los Gatos Patients Say

At On Purpose Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural On Purpose Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.


Big Difference in my Life!

When I first came to the center I was vomiting every couple of days, which had been going on for months. My medical doctor sent me for tests but they couldn’t find out what it was.

I met Dr Adam and started Chiropractic care. I had been coming for Chiropractic adjustments for one month (3 times a week to start with) and the vomiting stopped. I continued to feel nauseous for a few months, but if I kept to my suggested care plan, it would go away. The only time it comes back is if I miss my adjustments.


~ Therese B.

Life is Great!

My first meeting with Dr Adam was at a public event in a local drug store. I gave a brief description of my symptoms such as headaches, pain in my neck, shoulders and left arm.

I arranged a visit to the clinic for a nervous system scan which showed a high degree of stress in my neck and my
X-ray showed a curvature of the spine.

I had previously been to an M.D. who had never pointed this out to me or offered me any help for my swollen ankles and other concerns.

I now attend this center regularly to get adjusted and I find my circulation improved, my ankles do not swell as much or as often, I have more energy, my skin looks healthier, and more importantly I feel less stressed.

These changes came by putting into action advice from my chiropractor, Dr. Adam.

I am now 15 pounds lighter, and I am more toned.


~ Val L.

Fantastic Job!

My initial reason for coming into the centre was due to chronic migraines, neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

I no longer have chronic migraines and the pain in my neck shoulders and lower back has completely gone!

I do feel healthy but I also realize that by continuing with my chiropractic care I can be even healthier. Since beginning my care here, I have been able to sleep better and can walk faster.

I will be bringing the rest of my family here, so they too can be under chiropractic care and be healthier.

I do tell others about chiropractic. I testify of my initial problems and how much they have improved.

You are doing a fantastic job!

~ Valerie H.

Feel 25 Again!

Since I was 12 years old I have had back problems:

I have done exercise therapy but with a lot of back pain. Later I had neck problems and pretty serious pains in my left arm.

Now after 4 months of Chiropractic care I feel as if I am re-born. I cannot remember how long it has been since I felt this good. I stand and sit better, I sleep better, and especially more relaxed. In the morning I get up without any problems. I have more energy and I function so much better in anything I do.

Also at work I can handle a lot more stress a lot easier.
In the last years (I am 47) my sex-life wasn’t so interesting anymore. Now it feels as if I am 25 again!!!

~ Vincent B.

A Happy Chiropractic Convert

I must admit that I went to Lifestyle Chiropractic the first time because of a promotion and I was very sceptical about having my back adjusted at all. After the power point presentation I was still sceptical, but I thought, now I’m here, so I’ll try it.

After just one adjustment I felt a lot better, it was an evening and I don’t remember having slept better in months. That was already amazing. The other thing is a miracle to me.

I had problems making love with my husband from physical discomfort for such a long time and never understood why. Moreover, I thought I would just have to live with it since I tried every therapy and nothing changed.

From Chiropractic I didn’t expect anything else than to be able to walk more upright or something like that. BUT IT HELPED! I’m a happy convert and I will certainly continue to be adjusted and recommend it to everyone!!!

~ Susanne W.

A Million Thanks

After having an accident last year I suffered whiplash injuries to my neck and back, which not only severely limited my powers of movement, but also created pain, headaches and total lethargy; I didn’t know which way to turn. After consulting my medical doctor I was sent away confused, disillusioned without the possibilities of improvement.

By chance I met Dr Adam and Dr Allison doing a promotion whereby they gave me an on the spot diagnosis and accurately described the areas of pain and tension. This gave me enough confidence to book an examination and I am now booked in regularly every week for adjustments.

I am delighted with the progress, the lack of headaches, the improved flexibility and the general well being. A million thanks go to Dr Adam and Dr Allison for their care and personal attention.

~ Shirley C.

Thank You

To be honest, in the beginning, I was somewhat skeptical about Chiropractic. Actually, I was in a state of ignorance. But then I saw the improvements to Genevieve, my wife, after only a few adjustments from Adam and I felt sure that not only was she in safe hands but that I would be too.

And after 3 months of my being adjusted (on average 2-3 times a week) this is what I’ve discovered:

BEFORE: Daily neck and back pain.
NOW: No neck pain and very occasional back pain.

BEFORE: Chronic indigestion, taking 8 or more tablets a day.
NOW: Very, very slight indigestion and not a drug in sight for more than 2 months.

BEFORE: Moderately severe asthma, using inhalers on a very regular basis.
NOW: Barely a wheeze and occasional use of an inhaler.

BEFORE: Constant tiredness and lethargy.
NOW: Renewed energy, alertness and a general sense of well-being. In addition, my breathing is better and my nose is clearer.

So you see, the evidence is there – Chiropractic just doesn’t work! Only kidding, Adam. It’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.
Thank you and bless you all.

~ Michael W.

Healthy Start

My entire family receives chiropractic care. My husband first received care three years ago following a torn tendon in his shoulder. The Doctor, hospital and Chiropractor each gave a different diagnosis, but it was the chiropractic care that eased the excruciating pain until it healed.

Following this success he suggested that both our beautiful son John (who was 15 months at the time) and I should come along to an open day. I admit to being skeptical at first but I had some x-rays taken and was surprised to see all was not as well as I had expected. So in March 2001 we all started to receive regular care, although John would rather play with the girls than lie still for a minute!

This care continued all the way through my second pregnancy, which went extremely well, I didn’t even get any backache and I had a very quick labor and natural delivery. We now have another beautiful son, Matthew, who received his first adjustment when he was just three weeks old.

We hope that by continuing with our care we are giving our sons a happy and healthy start in life.

~ Lesley T.

Much More Energy

I’ve suffered back pain for years and just lived with it. Everything was affected by it including walking, standing, and sitting. Even trying to correct my posture made it worse. I accepted it was probably never going to get completely better. So I thought I’d try chiropractic for some relief. I was amazed that after my first adjustment my posture corrected itself and I felt taller. My back and neck pain actually started to go.

One week later I was so enthusiastic that I introduced the rest of my family, three children, two with special needs, Autism, hyperactivity and behavioral problems and my four-month-old baby plus my husband.

After their first adjustment, my middle child aged 3 ½ who had been running wild in the clinic immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY, calmed down. He had been ill with a virus infection a few days previously. That night his temperature shot up. He went to bed compliantly. I did not give him any drugs and by morning his temperature was back to normal.

I’m in my third week of adjustments and I have much more energy. No chronic back pain any more, and I look forward to each adjustment. I felt that because I was benefiting so much from it, it was unfair not to allow my children to benefit. The baby at 4 months is one of Dr Adam’s youngest patients and she benefits as much from the fuss made of her by the staff as from the adjustments.

~ Jo H.

Dramatic Change

I first came to see Dr Adam 5 weeks ago with neck and shoulder pain, which I have had for a few years. Previously I have used physiotherapy exercises, which were of little help; therefore I decided to try a new approach.

Before meeting Dr Adam, I knew little about Chiropractic and believed it to be a treatment for back and neck pain only.

5 weeks later my life is beginning to change quite dramatically, thanks to the care I have received here. Not only has my neck pain almost been completely resolved, but also much more dramatic changes have happened.

I have had migraine type headaches several times a week, accompanied often with vomiting for the past three years. Under the care of a neurologist, I have had scans and tried different medication, with little success. I had started to accept this as part of my life.

Since starting Chiropractic care, the headaches are significantly less frequent, and I have a lot more energy. I came in for neck pain, and came away feeling like a whole new person!

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing these changes have been.

I am a chiropractic convert!!

~ Gemma B., April 2002, Ealing, U.K.

Evaluating one month of Chiropractic care

In my profession as software engineer a lot of time is spent at a computer desk. Even with the latest ergonomic improvements this working environment is known to be a health hazard. For almost five years I have been complaining about pain in the lower back, especially after waking up in the morning. Also moving or lifting even semi heavy stuff always resulted in back pain the next day. Although these pains were quite bearable, they were certainly not comfortable. This induced stress on me and consequently on my partner and friends.

After one month of Chiropractic care the pain in the lower back has completely disappeared. I can work longer without feeling any pain or stress in my back or for that matter elsewhere in my body. I sleep better, have no pain in the lower back when I wake up and lifting objects is no problem anymore. I also have the strong impression that my sensory systems function a little better. Certainly a nice outcome!

The treatment itself is one of the most time economical and non intrusive I have ever seen, yet more scientific than the “take this drug and see if you feel better next week” method often applied by physicians. You will feel your improvements and they will also be measured. As far as I experienced there are no negative side effects.

Quality of life just improves at a relative very low cost, time and money wise. It is one of the best choices I have made for my health!

~ Eddy S., age 36, 06-02-2005 Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I Can Work Again

After six months of repetitive strain injury and pain in both my arms, I visited Dr Adam at Lifestyle Chiropractic. Before I had visited a few health practitioners such as physiotherapists, masseurs, yoga, a neurological doctor, a house doctor, and an orthomolecular doctor with no success.

The morning after my first adjustment at this practice, the pain in my arms had disappeared. This pain was constant 24 hours a day. I finally can work again after months of suffering.

When symptoms bother you a longer period of time, it feels as if they start to belong to you; they also have a great influence on the trust in your body.

My advice: Take up Chiropractic care and feel the difference!!

~ Bob O.


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