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About On Purpose Chiropractic

Dr. Adam Kleinberg began practicing in 2000, after benefiting from chiropractic for most of his life and wanting to share the true healing benefits with others. He started out with a clinic in London, Dublin and Amsterdam and more, totaling six countries over three continents. Though he was raised in New York City, he always knew California was home and decided to return there to open On Purpose Chiropractic.

Thriving With Chiropractic

The name for our practice originated twofold. Dr. Kleinberg knows it is his life’s purpose to help and educate as many people as he can about chiropractic, healthy living and the innate intelligence of the body. He was inspired to be a practitioner who focused on more than simple pain relief after listening to an audio subscription, On Purpose, which was released by the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance.

This series of talks allowed Dr. Kleinberg a profound understanding of the philosophy behind chiropractic: that the body contains powerful innate intelligence, and when the nervous system is free from interference, it can heal itself. With ongoing chiropractic care, you won’t need to be limited by pain or dis-ease; instead, you’ll unlock your body’s natural abilities and live abundantly.

Relegating chiropractic to pain management is missing the pot at the end of the rainbow. It facilitates the brain-body connection, optimizing your brain’s ability to repair, regenerate and control the machine that it grew – the body.”
Dr. Kleinberg

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